PhilaMOCA to host SPARKSTACULAR: A Celebration of Sparks

(Philadelphia, PA) July 30, 2012 – On Saturday, October 6, the Philadelphia Mausoleum of Contemporary Art will host an evening entirely dedicated to the music and career of brothers Ron and Russell Mael, better known as Sparks.

It’s common knowledge that PhilaMOCA Director/Curator Eric Bresler is an obsessive Sparks fan who travels around the world without a second thought to see his favorite band perform live, from London to Los Angeles, Stockholm to Tokyo.  The likeminded aren’t legion by any means, but a Sparks fan is a faithful fan be their interest limited to the early days, the electronic years, or their current experiments in operatic repetition.

The Sparkstacular will occur on Saturday, October 6 and will feature a Sparks-themed art show/memorabilia reception followed by live performances of Sparks songs from local musicians and a screening of rare Sparks performance footage and television appearances presented by Video Pirates.

PhilaMOCA is instituting a CALL FOR ART:  Seeking Sparks-related work from artists that either depicts the brothers Mael or was inspired by their work.  Submissions are due by Friday, September 22.  Submission fee per artwork is $25, no commission will be taken from sales.

PhilaMOCA is also instituting a CALL FOR MUSICIANS:  Local musicians with an admiration for the music of Sparks are encouraged to reach out and reserve their spot in the parade of live Sparks covers.  Deadline for application is Friday, September 22.

“I know they’re a niche band,” admits Bresler to himself.  “And I won’t be surprised if the turnout is just me and a few musicians.  Honestly, this is the most excited I’ve been about an event since I took over PhilaMOCA six months ago.”

So artists and musicians:  reach out!  Come play a part in celebrating one of the greatest American rock bands of all time.  Time is short, beat the clock!

Eric Bresler

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