On Friday, November 30, the Philadelphia Mausoleum of Contemporary Art continues to pursue the pop culture-related paths that no other art gallery dare tread with The Blank Canvas Wrestling Art Show featuring Philly’s own lucha libre specialists Chikara Pro.

The event will feature:

A wrestling-themed art show curated by Sammy Shuster and Corey Bechelli.

OPHIDIAN THE COBRA, master of “Snake Style” lucha libre, will perform his new musical hit “Death to Amasis!”.  The sultry stylings of HAYLEY JANE will back Ophidian and perform her own ode to luchadores!

THE MYSTERY MEN, Lucha Rock legends from parts unknown, will perform a full set of their unique brand of wrestling rock!

PHILADELPHIA COMEDY WRESTLING will showcase Philly’s brightest comedic performers as they pay homage to the flashy trash talking promos, slick video packages, colorful personas, and bitter rivalries of the squared circle!

DJ BROPAR will be spinning classic wrestling themes, wrestler-performed tracks, and projecting iconic wrestling videos!

Superstars from CHIKARA PRO will be in attendance in full costume!  Who knows what mayhem or hijinks could ensue?

Refreshments courtesy of Barry’s Homebrew Outlet and Narragansett Brewing Company.

Friday, November 30, 2012
Doors at 7:30, Entertainment at 9:00
$10 donation, All ages, Event page.