Tuesday Tune-Out March 2013 schedule by guest curator Philly Music Showcase

philadelphia-area-music-showcaseMarch’s Tuesday Tune-Out is curated by Nikki Volpicelli of Philly Music Showcase:

March 5:
Edison (solo set) : dream-out dynamic melodies, spacious vocals
Mohican (instrumental set) w/ projected original band footage : Guitar-driven, atmospheric, post-rock instrumentals

March 12:
Point Breeze : three-piece noise-core outfit hailing from its namesake
Amanda X : Corinne Tucker-like vocalis, twee-punk power jams
plus film TBA

March 19:
Younger Me : Eccentric, multi-instrumental pop-bop from York, PA
Cruiser : Warm bodies, hazy, summer morning music; performing with found imagery from Andy States

March 26:
Heyward Howkins : blustery vocals, plucky guitar riffs, nostalgic songwriting
Auctioneer : Complex instrumental composition by Craig Hendrix, broad vocals, experimental fiction folk; performing w/ multi-screen video installation by Jesse Engaard and live video mixing by Chris Thomas

Doors at 7:30, Musician at 8:00-ish
$5 donation, All ages.

Tuesday Tune-Out is an ongoing weekly series of music and movies in which a rotating lineup of guest curators choose a month’s worth of local bands, the bands in turn choose movies to screen.


Upcoming guest curators:
April – Cinedelphia Film Festival

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Announcement: Cinedelphia Film Festival

cff-temp-logo-smTime to announce the big project I’ve been working on for the past few months, it’s gonna be huge and it’s primarily being held at PhilaMOCA…

Running from April 4 – 27, 2013, the Cinedelphia Film Festival is a celebration of the past and present of film in Philadelphia.  All of the programming for this first-of-its-kind event is Philadelphia-related in some manner, be it shooting location, special guest, community programmer, etc.  The CFF is presented by Cinedelphia.com, the online center of the Philadelphia film community.

“There’s a lot more to Philly film than Rocky or Shyamalan,” said Eric Bresler, Site Editor of Cinedelphia.com and organizer of the CFF.  “The goal of the CFF is to illustrate Philly’s rich film history, as well as its vibrant present, to the greater populace.”

The CFF will feature 30+ programs over the course of 24 consecutive days.  Venues include PhilaMOCA, International House, Ardmore’s Viva Video!, and others TBA.  Community partners/presenters include International House Philadelphia, The Secret Cinema, TLA Entertainment, Exhumed Films, Reelblack, Urban Archives – Temple University Libraries, Termite TV, Viva Video!, Artsploitation Films, Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia, and many others.

The Festival’s diverse programming slate ranges from accessible histories to esoteric time capsules as demonstrated in the opening weekend schedule:

Continue reading

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Tuesday Tune-Out February schedule by 8static

8static8static, Philadelphia’s internationally-recognized monthly showcase of chiptune music/visual arts, will wear the curator hat for February’s PhilaMOCA-based Tuesday Tune-Out series.

This month, all musicians will perform thematic sets based on their films of choice…

February 5 : Saint (Cipher Prime) – WANDERLUST
February 12 : Chipocrite – THE BIG LEBOWSKI
February 19 : Cheap Dinosaurs – LIQUID SKY
February 26 : br1ght pr1mate – STAR TREK

Doors at 7:30, Musician at 8:00, Movie at 9:00
$5 donation, All ages.

Tuesday Tune-Out is an ongoing weekly series of music and movies in which a rotating lineup of guest curators choose a month’s worth of local bands, the bands in turn choose movies to screen.

Upcoming guest curators:
March – Philly Music Showcase
April – Cinedelphia Film Festival


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PhilaMOCA is looking to assemble the definitive visual history of Philly DIY/house/punk shows for a film festival program that will be held this coming April.

“Loud! Fast! Philly!” will explore over thirty years of hardcore punk in the city of Philadelphia. While overshadowed by the internationally famous scenes of Washington, DC and New York City, Philly consistently provided not only DIY venues for bands from all over the US and beyond, but also nurtured its own talent. Among enthusiasts of hardcore, bands such as Y-DI, Flag of Democracy (F.O.D.), Ruin, McRad, Pagan Babies, Franklin, Policy of 3, Fracture, Kill the Man Who Questions, R.A.M.B.O., and many others have carved a bloody gouge in a city otherwise known for its historical spots, obesity, and crime rate. Philly is a city of neighborhoods and personalities, and hardcore punk has thrived in the pre-gentrified parts of North, South, and West Philly. The scene has produced some characters as colorful as those out of Dickens. The recently-deceased Mikey Wild was just one of many figures who’ve at times appeared larger than life, but have also revealed their all-too-fragile selves. In a city as rough-hewn as Philly, the ravages of poverty and addiction can find itself hand-in-glove with the nihilism that courses through some veins of punk, or at odds with the positivity of punk’s more forward-thinking proponents. From venues like the Grendel’s Lair, Abe’s Steaks, Love Hall, Club Pizzazz, and JC Dobbs in the ‘80s; through Revival, Upstairs At Nicks, Stalag 13, and the Cabbage Collective’s Calvary and First Unitarian churches in the ‘90s; and into the present with R5 Productions and the sundry warehouses, basements, and arts spaces that host events, DIY punk has found its home wherever it could surface and for as long as it could sidestep the grasping tentacles of L&I. The “Loud! Fast! Philly!” event wishes to celebrate the scene in all its vibrant and fetid facets and to honor the individuals who — motivated by passion and fueled by the DIY ethos —  made and continue to make it happen.

Through both the event at the Cinedelphia Film Festival and some ancillary offshoot events, we hope to put Philly’s punk past and, most importantly, the future of its underground into a perspective that serves to inspire activity and eschew golden-hued nostalgia. We are looking for footage of Philadelphia and area bands playing DIY venues from 1980 – 2013. We’d like to speak to band members, promoters/event organizers, DJs, ‘zine writers, and attendees about their involvement in the scene and how it (and Philly itself) has changed over the years. We wish to present an event that features video performance clips and participants speaking live about their involvement, and that encourages the engagement of the event’s attendees.

Submissions:  All formats are welcome, but all footage will have to ultimately be transferred to a digital format for screening.  PhilaMOCA has the capabilities to make this happen with any master format, please send technical inquiries to the contact below.  And to expedite matters, please pre-select a handful of what you consider to be the best songs/bands/quality footage from you collection.

Deadline for submissions:
March 1, 2013

Joseph A. Gervasi, deadstare4life@hotmail.com

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cinedelphia-art-show-callCALL FOR ARTISTS!

CINEDELPHIA ART SHOW: An art show dedicated to the two greatest things in the world: Philly and film.

About the Event: The Cinedelphia Film Festival is Philadelphia’s first city-centric film festival.  Running from April 4-27, 2013, the CFF is a celebration of the past and present of Philly film with all programming relating to Philadelphia in some manner.  PhilaMOCA will be hosting the majority of CFF screenings, but additional screenings will be held at International House, Viva Video!, and several other local venues.

PhilaMOCA will host the Festival’s accompanying art show.  We are looking for art that is related to either “film”, “Philadelphia”, or, ideally, a combination of the two.   And of course when it comes to PhilaMOCA, the weirder the better.

Art will hang from Saturday, April 6 through the duration of the Festival and can be viewed during any PhilaMOCA-based Festival screenings.

Submissions: All mediums are welcome except for installations/sculpture due to space limitations.  Please send digital files or photos of submissions to curator Eric Bresler at ericbresler@philamoca.org.  Links are preferred for six or more entries.

There is a $20 participation fee per selected piece of artwork; PhilaMOCA will handle all art sales with 100% of sales going to the artist.

Deadline for submissions is March 8, 2013.

Accepted Art Delivery:  Drop-offs of accepted art can be made at PhilaMOCA (531 N. 12th Street) on Monday, April 1 and Tuesday, April 2 from Noon – 6 PM and by appointment.  Work must be hang-ready.  Pieces delivered by mail must be sent in easily re-sealable packaging with return postage included.

For questions, contact Eric Bresler at ericbresler@philamoca.org.

LIKE the CFF on Facebook.


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IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD (AGAIN!) full schedule

PhilaMOCA and The Center for Media and Destiny present

A three-day celebratory symposium on the upcoming apocalypse.

(Philadelphia, PA) November 12, 2012 – Yes, it’s that time.  It’s coming on December 21, 2012.  It’s the end of the world, yet again!  Is there a better place to await our demise than in a mausoleum, albeit one retrofitted as a gallery space for exploring the apocalypse in art, movies, and multimedia presentations?

You don’t need a Mayan calendar to imagine the end of the world, for apocalyptic scenarios have long been popular, from the myth of Plato’s Atlantis to movies like MELANCHOLIA. This three-night event will explore why there are so many apocalyptic scenarios in the new millennium. The art and presentations will provide mind-expanding ideas and apocalyptic fun as we explore the end of the world: why humans are so fascinated with doomsday and what it means, if anything.

Wednesday, December 19:

6:00 PM – “Apocalyptic Art” show reception (show will hang through the duration of the symposium) curated by Genevieve L. Gillespie.

8:00 PM – PRESENTATION: Sci-Fi Sublime: Watching Ourselves Be Annihilated in Movies, hosted by Barry Vacker (Temple University). Barry will also be signing copies of his book, The End of the World — Again.

9:30 PM – SCREENING: The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) with a live theremin score by Mano Divina (Divine Hand Ensemble)

Thursday, December 20:

7:00 PM – PANEL DISCUSSION: The Meaning of Melancholia: Depression, Doomsday, or Nothing? Featuring Laura Zaylea (Temple University), Ronnie Landau (Past President of the Philadelphia Association of Jungian Analysts), Olivia Antsis (Director, Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival), Barry Vacker (Temple University).

9:00 PM – SCREENING: We Hate Movies (NYC) present a live comedic commentary to The Last Man on Earth (1964) (a la Mystery Science Theater 3000)

Friday, December 21:

7:00 PM – PANEL: The End of World, Again: The Apocalypse in Media, Science, and Culture, featuring Jarice Hanson (University of Massachusetts-Amherst), Osei Alleyne (University of Pennsylvania), Genevieve Gillespie (Temple University), Barry Vacker (Temple University).

9:00 PM – THE END OF THE WORLD PARTY (21+) featuring music by S.T.A.R.W.O.O.D. Plus a countdown clock/farewell toast at midnight, complimentary refreshments…

Admission for each day is $10.

Refreshments courtesy of Philadelphia Brewing Company and Hendrick’s Gin.

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On Friday, November 30, the Philadelphia Mausoleum of Contemporary Art continues to pursue the pop culture-related paths that no other art gallery dare tread with The Blank Canvas Wrestling Art Show featuring Philly’s own lucha libre specialists Chikara Pro.

The event will feature:

A wrestling-themed art show curated by Sammy Shuster and Corey Bechelli.

OPHIDIAN THE COBRA, master of “Snake Style” lucha libre, will perform his new musical hit “Death to Amasis!”.  The sultry stylings of HAYLEY JANE will back Ophidian and perform her own ode to luchadores!

THE MYSTERY MEN, Lucha Rock legends from parts unknown, will perform a full set of their unique brand of wrestling rock!

PHILADELPHIA COMEDY WRESTLING will showcase Philly’s brightest comedic performers as they pay homage to the flashy trash talking promos, slick video packages, colorful personas, and bitter rivalries of the squared circle!

DJ BROPAR will be spinning classic wrestling themes, wrestler-performed tracks, and projecting iconic wrestling videos!

Superstars from CHIKARA PRO will be in attendance in full costume!  Who knows what mayhem or hijinks could ensue?

Refreshments courtesy of Barry’s Homebrew Outlet and Narragansett Brewing Company.

Friday, November 30, 2012
Doors at 7:30, Entertainment at 9:00
$10 donation, All ages, Event page.

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The fine folks at JUMP: The Philly Music Project step in as guest curators for the month of November…all post-performance film screenings are TBA…

November 6 : Chalk & The Beige Americans
November 13 : The Astronauts
November 20 : Blonde Gang and DJ Lisa Love [launch party for Jump’s latest issue]
November 27 : The National Rifle

As always, doors at 7:30, performance at 8:00, movie at 9:00, $5 donation.

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Attention Philadelphia!

We are here to celebrate Philadelphia’s greatest contribution to society!
No, not cheese-steaks!
No, not soft pretzels!
No, not even Hall and Oates!
We are here to celebrate PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING!

On Friday, November 30th 2012, the Philadelphia Mausoleum of Contemporary Art will host a spectacularly sense-shattering showcase celebrating the superstars of the squared circle!

PhilaMOCA presents:
Wrestling Art Show

This epic event will showcase stunning visual portrayals of classic and contemporary pro wrestling culture, as well as wrestling-inspired musical acts!

Philadelphia’s very own wrestling company CHIKARA will be the guests of honor at the show, with many of it’s finest stars in attendance!

Puroresu…Lucha Libre…Joshi…Professional Wrestling!!!

If you want to contribute art or music to this star-studded affair, please contact Sammy or Corey at wrestlingartshow@gmail.com. Deadline for submission is Friday, November 9.


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PhilaMOCA hosts the maiden voyage of found VHS footage plunderers VIDEO PIRATES

Eric Bresler, site editor of Cinedelphia.com and Director/Curator of PhilaMOCA, presents the feature-length debut of his comedic found footage project Video Pirates at the Philadelphia Mausoleum of Contemporary Art on Friday, November 9 at 8:00 PM.

Video Pirates takes short clips from thousands of instructional/educational/oddball VHS tapes and edits them together into thematic pieces.  VP debuted in July with the 10 minute short HORRORS (available here), which opened for a screening of POSSESSION at the International House.  VIDEO PIRATES: SPARKS, an hour-long history of the titular band, recently screened as part of the PhilaMOCA SPARKStacular on October 6.

November 9 will mark VP’s first live feature-length showcase of VHS treasures and oddities.  Mind-melting highlights of the event will include:

• A history of the Beanie Babies phenomenon
• Strange dog training videos
• An over-the-top faith-based exploration into the dangers of internet pornography
• A rare video history of Nasubi, an aspiring Japanese comedian who was forced to live in a room with no supplies for a year and a half.

Also expect a fair amount of wrestling, 90s music, Morrissey, and embarrassing clips of Eric’s past appearances on television.

Opening for Video Pirates will be the NYC-based purveyors of bad cinema WE HATE MOVIES who will engage in some live movie-bashing over clips from some of the worst films they’ve encountered.

A Captain Power demo will be setup for attendees pre- and post-show; free refreshments will be available courtesy of Narragansett Beer Co.

Doors at 7:30, Show at 8:00.
All ages, $7 admission.

11/9 event trailers:

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